Get Out Movie In 3 Spoiler-Free Graphs

I finally saw Get Out

Here are three spoiler-free graphs depicting life in the real world after Get Out was released.

1. Instances of Black Men Dating White Women

As we know from the movie, this only leads to trouble.

2. Job Applications for the TSA

…which is good, since they’ve had a rough go over the past few years.


And lastly, this is a marketing blog, so I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss something marketing-related here. There were 3 primary product sponsors for the movie.

The first was Canon (the protagonist’s camera is front and center several times). Second is Lincoln (the featured couple drives a Lincoln MKX). Third and most prominent was Microsoft.

The protagonist uses a Microsoft Surface and Windows Mobile phone. Bing was also used twice for search in the movie. The first time I saw a character use Bing, I said to myself – “Bing? c’mon”. The SECOND TIME I saw someone use Bing I said audibly (and in a manner that contributed to the fledgling  ‘black movie theater experience’ at BAM Rose Cinemas in Downtown Brooklyn) “Don’t nobody use BING!” Here’s Bing usage since its prominent placement in the movie:

3. Bing Usage

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