Gold Peak Tea – Looks So Good You’ll Want To Buy It

The genius behind Gold Peak Tea’s advertising campaign is in what they’re saying visually

If there’s one thing that Gold Peak Tea communicates in its creative executions, it is that Gold Peak Tea tastes great. Their tagline is that they’re “The taste that brings you home”. The thing about the beverage category is – *everyone* – wants you to know that they taste great. What differentiates Gold Peak Tea from other brands is how well they communicate taste visually.

I love how Gold Peak’s visual artists use brilliantly rich colors and tone to convey everything that is beautiful, brilliant and rich about Gold Peak’s taste.

Gold Peak Commercial Screen Shot
Gold Peak Tea Commercial Still
Gold Peak FB cover Photo
A photo from Gold Peak’s Facebook Page

They also have beautiful out of home executions. I stumbled across this billboard while biking on Lafayette in SoHo (manhattan, nyc). I was taken aback by how well this billboard’s brilliant and rich colors contrasted with its ‘concrete jungle’ surroundings. When, given its surroundings, a billboard is this refreshing to behold, the billboard’s subject communicates similarly about how refreshing it is compared to beverage alternatives – what a beautiful way to communicate superior refreshing taste.

Gold Peak Tea BIllboard

Their 30 second spot operates along the same vein of using brilliantly rich colors and tone to beautifully speak to taste. Try watching the commercial without sound to see what you get (i’ve probably biased you, but do your best to wear your unbiased glasses).

Here’s the voiceover script:

There’s nothing like Gold Peak’s home brewed taste. It starts with Mountain grown tea, pure filtered water and just the right balance of sweetness.It’s a taste that’s perfectly crafted every time. Gold Peak. The taste that brings you home.

But the coup de grâce is on shelf. They bring the essence of their brand to shelf and they look great doing it. This is packaging excellence and it really brings the “refreshing” message home to the shopper.

Photo Credit: Fabulously Frugal
Photo Credit: Fabulously Frugal

Overall, I love how well Gold Peak’s consumer messaging is integrated. At every point they communicate their brand essence – and as a result consumers will never second guess what Gold Peak Tea is all about. This kind of excellence in communication builds curiosity, drives consideration and ultimately influences purchasing behavior and experience perception.
Until next time.