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Our Caption: What the Hell, Jet?

I mean seriously!

I was reading a photography article when I was served an ad for a $300 handgun with a laser sight, a sectional sofa, a Hannah Davis Sports Illustrated cover poster and last but not least A REPLACEMENT TRACTOR TIRE on

First of all, WHO KNEW YOU COULD PURCHASE GUNS ONLINE? Apparently it’s legal.

“The most significant law regarding gun purchasing is administered by the federal government. US federal law requires that all guns purchased online must be shipped only to a holder of a Federal Firearms License. Guns bought online are never shipped to the consumers home, but instead, to a federally licensed gun shop.”

Second, you would think this might be a static ad – not so. There was an actual algorithm that served me this ad. MediaMath did it. Here’s the proof.

Nice work, MediaMath

None of these are things that I am remotely interested in. Not sure  why these items were matched to me. Maybe it could be the fact that I almost purchased a pair of boots from Jet about 4 months ago? But if that was it, why not show me boots?

Third –  A REPLACEMENT TRACTOR TIRE?!?!?!?!? So specific yet so wrong.

Fourth, why does have nothing to do with Jet magazine?  I can’t be the only person who kinda sorta expected to be some sort of repository of articles about black culture and beauties of the week.

Fifth, did Jet Beauty of Week empower women or normalize their objectification? I’m leaning towards the latter.

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