About The Author


I’m Jason. I love marketing. I wanted to create a site where I could talk about marketing.

I have done and currently do lots of things. I’ve worked as a management consultant for a few different companies and covered lots of industries in the process. As an IT consultant, I worked in government. As a digital strategy consultant, I worked in professional sports, publishing, energy, structured weight loss and financial services. As a marketing strategy consultant, I worked in tech.

I also worked as a Brand Manager for Dr Scholl’s, Lotrimin and Tinactin. Here’s a 15 second ad I worked on.

I currently work in Consumer Insights at a Venture Capital/Innovation consultancy.

I used to wear many hats on the weekends for a fashion marketplace startup I co-founded called My Pageant Rental. Now i mostly spend my weekends with my growing family and playing bass guitar at church and in a 9 piece Stevie Wonder tribute band called The Shades.

I’m a photographer.

I tried my best and failed miserably on a Ryan Seacrest hosted game show called Million Second Quiz. The lesson? Never try.

MIT alum. NYU Stern alum.

I’m from and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I enjoy riding my bike around the city. I hate snow.

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